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An Advent Evening will take place at Corpus Christi’s Church in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden at 7.30pm this Thursday, 20 December with the Christmas story told in music and words, directed and accompanied by Nicholas Lane. Perfomers will include medieval music specialist Mary Remnant, sopranos Breda McKinney and Kathleen Garner, baritone Nicholas Moodie,  James Preston, tenor), and violinist Megumi Rolfe. Actors Damien Sordello, Ivanhoe Norona, Martin King and Jane Spencer Prior will read extracts from the Wakefield Mystery and other texts.The evening will begin in ancient Rome with the prophesy of the Sibyl to Augustus, foretelling the coming of Christ. Mary Remnant will sing an ancient hymn with a 12th Century Organistrum, copied from the Portico de la Gloria of Santiago Cathedral. There will be pieces by the Elizabethan composer and virtuoso keyboard player, Peter Philips (1560-1628) a recusant who fled England to Flanders, settling in Rome because of his Catholic faith. He was organist of the English Jesuit College.

The Advent Evenings which began in 1995, are the inspiration of Jane A D’Angelo, a singer and parishioner at Holy Apostles, Pimlico. Nicholas Lane composed the Magnificat for Jane. It will be sung on Thursday evening by Breda McKinney, who is also Director of Music at St Patrick’s Soho.

There will be refreshments after the service. Admission is free but there will be a collection for the Corpus Christi Restoration Fund.

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